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This email contains information and resources about PodPi.
PodPi is more than a subscription box service,it is an adventure in learning.


PodPi Module 0 - Ahoy!

Follow Jake and Zoe as they discover a mysterious chest filled with treasure boxes (similar to your kits). They open the first one and discover the adventures with Captain Arghuino and some of the other imaginary Pods. Your first box contains an Arduino compatible board, a prototype shield, LEDs, resistors and a button, all needed to build your first circuits.

Make sure you and your child follow along to setup your computer. Once setup, you can let your child continue the lessons on his or her own, or even work together - they will treasure this time for years to come.


Setting up your computer

PodPi is designed to run on Windows, Mac OS and Chromebooks. We only use popular Open Source software instead of a proprietary platform. You will be guided in installing the Arduino IDE and the Node.JS JavaScript Engine as part of the story. Reading the story and following the adventures is a key step in being successful.

Setting up your computer and getting the first lesson running may be a bit daunting at first. Fear not, we are here to help you succeed. In addition to following Jake and Zoe as they prepare their computers, you can find more in depth information about the entire process on our upcoming web mobile app (read below) or our PodPi website under the Support heading.

Web Support

Also, know that we are committed to your success and you can contact us by email, by text, and even by phone when necessary. As a monthly subscriber, you can also join our internal Slack community (simply request an invite).

Contact Us



PodPi Mobile Library

We are currently working on a new mobile app reference library for the PodPi Adventures. There, you will find additional information on how to get started, more lessons, experiements, and a teacher reference manual.

This app is currently in development, but you can access a working preview by clicking the button below.

We would love your feedback and let us know what additional information you would like to see in the library.

Web Libary

Get to know the Pods

Pods are imaginary characters that live of the Island of PodPi. Meet your first two Pods below and discover new ones in the next few months. We have carefully designed and developed over 16 different Pod characters, each with a very unique personality, style and skillset relating to a physical component or technical concept.  These characters will engage your child in ways that encourage him or her to learn, think and create. The Pods are colored based on the particular beach they belong to (green for Learn, blue for Create, etc.). You will receive a map of the Island with Volume 2 showing all five beaches.

Meet Captain Aghuino. The Captain, with his ship "The Purple Pearl" represents your new Arduino board (we call it the purple Arghuino board). He is responsible for all the Pods on the Island and for bringing all the supplies necessary to complete the lessons and experiments. In this book, he will guide on you how to install the prototype shield and installing the Johny-Five library.

Meet Leddy. Leddy is the main artist on the Island of PodPi. You will find her mainly on the Create beach, where she lives. She is always creating something new and something colorful. While she has great ideas, she needs your help and the other Pods' help to bring her creations to life. She represents the technology behind the magic of LEDs. Think of the Create beach as the Island's own Makerspace.

By working together, the Pods will inspire your child or students to go beyond the lessons and start to experiment themselves. Each new volume will introduce new characters to teach topics such as resistance, sensors, servo motors. These characters will make these topics come to life for them.


Meet some team members

Hi! I'm Stephane, the creator of PodPi. I'm a software engineer and data architect. I started learning about electronics, computers and technology at the age of 9 - just when the first IBM PC was announced. Learning new skills back then required a lot of "figuring things out" and spending long hours on problems. With PodPi, I want to bring the same hands-on and experiment based learning.

Several years ago I deciced to host coding and electronics workshops at our local Makerspace. Little did I know that our Meetups would become so poular. After hosting workshops with several hundreds of kids and parents, it become nearly impossible to continue and accepting new members.

You can send me an email directly at

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn

In order to continue making the same impact, our team designed a program that would allow us to continue without being present in the classroom. The best part about the PodPi program, is the feedback I receive from the parents and the kids when they complete a book or the pictures shared on social media.

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